On Demand Mortgage Loan Documents

Using documents from Doss Law, LLP. The national leader in mortgage law for 44 years.

Why Doss Docs?

We are your full partner for everything from strategy to execution.

Our docs are licensed from Doss Law, LLP, the premier law firm for mortgage law in the United States for 44 years.

Fill-out an easy online questionnaire and the docs are sent to you by email.

The least expensive alternative on the market. No set up fees. No subscription fees. You only pay for what you use.

The questionnaire process takes about 20 minuites. The application allows you to save a link to make corrections or work on the project later.

The docs are coded to delete anything that does not apply to your loan. You get only what you need.

Your docs and data are stored on AWS servers; the gold standard in tech.

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